Dealing With Cataracts? Why You Shouldn't Postpone Surgery

If you're losing your vision due to cataracts, don't postpone treatment. You might think you can wait for cataract surgery, but that's not the case. Cataracts create a cloudy cover over the lens of your eyes. The thicker the cover, the more vision loss you sustain. That's why you need to talk to your optometrist as soon as possible. If you've been postponing your cataract surgery, read the list provided below. [Read More]

How To Decide If You Need Urgent Care Or An Emergency Room?

Going to an urgent care clinic is often a cost-effect way to handle health issues. However, you might not be sure whether you should visit an urgent care center or an ER. You can determine whether urgent care is appropriate or not by using the following checklist.  Severity There are several signs that an injury isn't too severe for an urgent care clinic. If a person is bleeding but not losing lots of blood, they can probably go to an urgent care provider for a band-aid or stitches. [Read More]

Why Do Companies Drug Test Before Employment?

If you're hiring a new set of professionals, you may have considered drug testing as part of your pre-employment screening. Drug testing can be a valuable tool in ensuring that your workplace is drug-free and that employees are not using illegal substances. There are also plenty of other ways drug testing can help. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose to add testing to your process. [Read More]

When Do You Need A Same-Day Medical Appointment?

Some health care clinics provide same-day medical appointments for people who can't wait to see a doctor. Figuring out if you need to see a doctor right away can sometimes be tough. However, these are four instances where a same-day medical appointment can help you: 1. When Pain Strikes Pain can be incredibly distracting. Minor pain can often be addressed with over-the-counter medication, but severe pain often signals a problem that requires medical intervention. [Read More]