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What Can Vestibular Rehabilitation Do for You?

Do you struggle with regular dizziness or vertigo? If so, there are options available that could help. One such option is known as vestibular rehabilitation. This is a type of rehab that is focused on specific exercises designed to help you control, manage, and even, in some cases, reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the issues you are experiencing. If you think this type of treatment could be beneficial for you, consult with a vestibular rehabilitation professional. They can help you discover the next steps and, if you are eligible, experience the benefits that vestibular rehabilitation can provide.

Get a More Stable Gaze

Many people experience feelings of dizziness or problems with their vision when they move their heads. This can interfere with normal daily activities, such as walking or driving. However, a vestibular rehabilitation professional may be able to help. To start with, they can work to diagnose your condition and determine its causes. From there, they may be able to develop a rehabilitation plan that can work for you or refer you to another specialist.

Often, in these instances, a series of gaze stabilizing exercises will be recommended. These exercises are designed to help people see more clearly and correctly and to reduce or eliminate dizziness while the head is moving. For many people, they are a simple, effective way to gain relief from dizziness or vertigo, particularly when practiced regularly and correctly over time.

Identify Triggers

While some people experience dizziness with head movements, others may experience it for different reasons. A good rehab professional can help you to identify the triggers in your life that are most likely to lead to dizziness. You may be able to learn how to reduce or eliminate these triggers. Furthermore, if your triggers cannot reasonably be avoided, you can learn how to better cope with them, which can improve your quality of life.

Practice on Your Own

Many people avoid dealing with their vestibular issues because they imagine lots of visits to rehabilitation clinics and a huge time commitment. However, in actuality, many vestibular exercises can be done at home and on your own time once a professional has identified which exercises you need to do and shown you how to do them. Furthermore, the results and improvements that can be gained through these exercises are often achieved relatively quickly. Of course, this will vary from person to person, condition to condition, and based on the severity of the condition or conditions present. However, getting help and learning coping strategies and techniques is almost always sure to generate faster and better results than doing nothing.

Living with a vestibular condition is not easy. But, you could make your life and the management of your disorder easier with the right help. Thus, if you are struggling with vertigo, regular dizziness, or other vestibular problems, reach out to a vestibular rehabilitation professional. They may be able to help you in numerous ways.