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Overlooked Signs Somebody Needs Anorexia Treatment

If somebody you love may have an eating disorder, you know how stressful it is to provide help. In fact, you might not even know if somebody you care about needs or wants help. Somebody can have anorexia without revealing it to you, and this can make things more stressful. Do you think somebody you care about may have anorexia? These are some of the signs they may need anorexia medical treatment.

Thinning, Brittle Hair

Hair can be one way in which the body showcases overall health. If somebody once had gorgeous, thick hair and suddenly they appear to have brittle hair, poor nutrition could be the case. Medical treatment for anorexia focuses on helping the body get the nutrients it needs to build back physical health.

Poor Oral Health

Oral health is also impacted by habits associated with anorexia, including vomiting. Vomiting brings a lot of acid into the mouth, which can lead to dental decay and bad breath. Treatment will focus on putting an end to some of the symptoms of anorexia, including purging.

Fixation on Weight Loss Videos and Shows

For many people, the most prominent sign of anorexia to others is a fixation on losing weight. This can come out in the form of a perceived obsession with watching television shows about weight loss, including reality shows. Treatment will focus on figuring out the cause of the eating disorder and adjusting the client's perceptions and fixations on weight loss.

Sudden Dietary Changes

If you notice that your loved one has changed their diet frequently, it could be a sign of something serious. You may notice that your loved one is suddenly vegan, paleo, or involved in some other diet. Perhaps this changes frequently. Treatment will focus on helping an individual focus on healthy eating, not dieting to lose weight, and not fixating on tracking calories.

Secretive Dining Habits

In some cases, people with anorexia may become very secretive about their dining habits. They may start eating in secret. Anorexia treatment focuses on building healthy eating and dining habits so that your loved one is able to eat in public or in front of loved ones without fear.

Treatment Professionals Can Help

If you think that somebody needs help, you can speak with an anorexia medical treatment professional. A pro can help you determine the steps you need to take so that you can help your friend get the treatment they need.