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The Benefits of Workplace Drug Tests

Many professional companies now require employees to take a drug test before they are hired. Some businesses even perform random drug tests on all employees throughout the time those employers continue to work for the company. While some people may feel this is a form of invasiveness by the employer, workplace drug tests are actually beneficial to both employers and employees. These are some of the benefits of workplace drug tests.

Better Work Environment

If a company will only hire an employee who can pass a drug test, there is more likely to be a better work environment for all the employees. Using illegal drugs can lead to many different types of unacceptable behavior. There may be theft issues, decreased productivity, frequent absences, or aggression with others in the workplace. However, if remaining drug-free is a requirement to remain employed at a company, the work environment is likely to be more enjoyable and turnaround may decrease.

Decreased Safety Hazards

Abusing drugs can impair one's ability to make decisions correctly and promptly. If this occurs in a workplace, it can put everyone's safety in jeopardy. By requiring all employees to take random drug tests, it ensures those decisions can be made properly by those who are not abusing drugs and helps remove those who do abuse drugs from the workplace before safety hazards occur.

Reduction of Employer Costs

Employers often spend a substantial amount of money each time they hire a new employee. This usually includes the cost of employee training, health insurance, uniforms, and other expenses they may have. Each time an employee has to be replaced, these expenses occur all over again. However, if an employee remains drug-free, their chances of remaining with the company increase and the need to replace them decreases. Therefore, the employer doesn't have to repeatedly address these costs. 

A More Stable Lifestyle

If employees avoid drug abuse, they are more likely to thrive at work and may even earn promotions as well. This means their financial status may improve as they continue to grow with the company. The more successful their careers are, the happier and more stable their home life is likely to be.

Another reason that random drug testing is beneficial in the workplace is that those who cannot pass the test may be offered help by their employer. For instance, if an employee has worked for a company for several years and has always been a reliable employee, but then suddenly develops a drug problem, his employer may offer to send him to a drug rehab program. As long as the employee works hard to be rehabilitated, they may be able to keep his employment and return to work when they are well again.

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