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When Can An Infusion Help You Get Back On Your Feet?

Everyone feels down from time to time. Whether it's a sickness, a personal situation, or something at work that gets you down, what is important is that you don't stay down. Get back up again! But how do you do that? In many situations, an IV infusion can help. Here is a look at a few situations in which an IV infusion can help get you back on your feet and going again.

During a Hangover

Even if you are not a regular drinker, there may be times when you over-do it at a party and wake up feeling, well, terrible. If you have somewhere to go or something to do that day, struggling through it with a hangover is no fun at all. Undergoing IV infusion therapy can really help. By definition, these infusions are hydrating, which can really help cure a hangover — since hangovers are largely due to dehydration. Your practitioner can make sure to include plenty of electrolytes in the IV mixture, which will help rehydrate you better than drinking water alone. 

After a Demanding Athletic Event

Running a marathon or biking a century can really take it out of you! You probably feel very proud of yourself after such an athletic event, but you probably also feel drained. An infusion can help by rehydrating you and also by providing your body with the nutrients needed to start repairing the muscles and other tissues that were broken down and damaged throughout the event. Some nutrients that your practitioner will likely add to the solution include vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin K.

After a Bout of the Flu

A bad bout of the flu can leave you exhausted, even after you have fought off the virus. Your body has probably used a lot of its nutrient stores just to restore your health, and you're probably dehydrated from all of the mucous production. An infusion with a lot of vitamins C and E and electrolytes can really help get you back to 100% after the flu or even after some other sickness like the common cold, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

Infusions are a quick way to get water, electrolytes, and various nutrients into your body. Whether you're hungover, exhausted from running, or recovering from an illness, stopping by a clinic for an IV infusion is a smart move. Talk to your doctor to learn more or for guidance on which nutrients should be added to your infusion. Contact a medical facility like the Idaho Arthritis Center to learn more about other conditions that can be treated with an infusion.