Choosing The Right Health Care Clinic

How to Ensure a Pediatrician Is a Good Fit for Your Child

Finding the best pediatric doctors takes a little bit of sleuthing. You want to find someone who is well-educated, experienced, and a good fit for your growing family. So, what are some things to look for?

Waiting Room and Offices Are Sanitary & Inviting

The waiting room is an area that you'll spend time in each visit. The number one priority is that the area is sanitary to protect you and your child from other sick patients. Look for hard surfaces and the ability to wipe down surfaces with antibacterial wipes. Some offices spray sanitizing solutions on a regular basis to stop airborne pathogens. The area should be inviting as well, with decorations and entertainment for children; just make sure you sanitize any toys before your child plays with them. 

Their Schedule and Appointment Policies Are Flexible

Emergencies with your child's health can happen at any time. And it's already enough hassle to have to take off work to take care of a sick child, without the need for a lot of fanfare in scheduling a doctor's appointment. Check what the doctor's hours are, and if they refer to any after hours care centers. See if you can easily get a same day appointment with this facility. Sometimes facilities with more than one pediatric doctor can be more accommodating to sick children because you have more than one doctor's schedule to work with. 

The Pediatrician Has Great Patient Rapport

The relationship your pediatric doctors have with your child is important. If the doctor is great at communicating with kids, they can get a lot more information out of your child about how they're feeling and what the symptoms are like. That information is critical for making the best diagnosis. Some of your child's communication with doctors can come from their past experiences in a medical office; if they were afraid of your previous doctor, it may take some time to warm up to a new doctor. However, you can still look for signs of an empathetic tone, appropriate use of child-friendly language, and patience in their body language when working with your child. 

While it's hard to to move your child around to many different doctors, it's worth it to find a fit for your family. Hopefully, on your next visit to the doctor's office, you will notice these positive signs of a great doctor. If not, there are many excellent pediatric doctors to try within most health insurance networks.