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2 Natural Teas To Help Ease Fatigue Following Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy can be a good way to treat different forms of cancer. Depending on the severity of your cancer, the frequency of your treatment may vary. If you have to undergo radiation therapy frequently, then this can result in fatigue. Feeling like you are always tired can make it difficult for you to complete daily tasks and indulge in your favorite activities. While sleep is always a great way to recover from radiation therapy, this can take some time. Luckily, there are a few natural teas that you can use to help alleviate this fatigue

Peppermint and Orange Tea

If you are looking for a tea to boost your energy and increase blood circulation throughout your body, then a peppermint and orange tea is the way to go. Both herbs are amazing for providing an added energy boost because of their antibacterial properties. These properties fight off toxins and cleanse the body. You can make your own tea using fresh peppermint leaves and orange juice. Steep the peppermint leaves in hot water for a few minutes, and then add in a few tablespoons of fresh orange juice. Drink the tea throughout the day in order to keep fatigue at bay. You can make a large amount the night before and refrigerate it to ensure that it is ready for you first thing in the morning.

Cilantro and Lemon Tea

Cilantro is often made into a tea to drink following exercise. Cilantro not only has antibacterial properties, but it will also help to keep you alert and energized. When paired with lemon, a cilantro tea has the ability to give you the energy you need to make it through the day. You can steep the cilantro before your radiation therapy. Allow the herb to steep for a few hours. Heat up the cilantro tea on the stove and add a few slices of fresh lemon to the mix. Keep the mix on low heat for a few minutes, and then drink the tea throughout the day. If the taste of the cilantro is too strong, then you can add a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. If you run out of tea, then remake the tea throughout the day.

Going through radiation therapy should not mean that you have to feel fatigued and drained for the remainder of the day. Use these natural teas to help provide you with a much-needed energy boost.