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Tips For Helping A Child That Is Hard Of Hearing In The Classroom

If you are a teacher, you likely care about your students and want them to have all of the tools that they need in order to succeed. This means that they should be able to hear the information that you are giving them while you lecture and the instructions that you give for exams. If you have a child that doesn't seem to be able to pay attention in lecture or follow instructions, you might have them tested for hearing problems with any services that your school might have or highly recommend that their parents get them tested. However, it can take time for parents to act and get their child cochlear implants or a hearing aid. As a result, you will need to do everything that you can to help the student that is hard of hearing. Here are some tips for helping a child that is hard of hearing in your classroom.

1. Split Your Classroom into Small Groups

The first thing that you want to is split your classroom into small groups of desks, with around three or four children per group. Then, when you give instructions, you can give instructions to the entire group first, and then move from group to group and reinforce those instructions. Go to the group that has the hard of hearing child first in order to make sure that you repeat the instructions so that he or she can actually hear them. Then, move from group to group repeating the instructions so that the child does not feel as though he or she is being singled out. This will help you give that child instructions without causing him or her to be teased.

Smaller groups will also help contain the conversation and will make it easier for the child to hear his or her peers.

2. Write On the Board While Lecturing

Be sure that you are writing what you are saying on the board while you lecture. This will allow the child that is hard of hearing to follow along. It will also keep the other children more engaged and get them ready to take notes from teachers when they are in higher grades. This method does not single out the child that has a hard time hearing, which will allow him or her to move through his or her day more normally.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in hearing tests, like Desert Knolls Hearing Center, in order to get your student formally tested.